From my latest book of poetry, Red Dreams, Volcano Visions (Pacific Raven Press, 2019).


Dropping into awareness

I feel a thread of light

across the red

horizon of my third eye.

I refocus, make new aims

commitments to create

and accept new situations

consequences of choice, or not.

What tools can we use to save

our sacred values and principles?

What and where are the best questions

to ask, and to whom?

I pause, clap my hands into the now

remember and observe changing conditions:

terrifying speeds, spillages

of raw searing heat.

Volunteer firefighters sweat profusely

driving tractors and backhoes

using picks and shovels to create a fire line

stop aggressive flames

melting the beloved `āina.

How to drop into body

observe the mind and emotions?


Volcanic eruptions are unstoppable

hot, crimson danger.

No choice but to allow lava

to flow and burn all in the path to completion.

I observe the subtle and blatant surges

of heat flowing, slowing to cool aqua peace.

From my book of poetry, New and Collected Poems (Ishmael Reed Publishing, 2003).


Momentary circle of blue

bursts through gathering clouds

as the wind fades then returns

like the voices of summer crickets

surfing through sun and shade.

We sit still

on the fine white sand

at Mālaekahana

watching the changing sky.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


Sun scrolls attention

In an unpredictably silent performance.

The third eye twitches with new possibilities.

A phoenix in me courts ancestral memories.

Venerated ancient leaders

Confucius, Plato, Gandhi, King

Acclaimed poets, prophets, teachers

Laozi, Du Fu, Rumi, Whitman.

Shadows of greatness

Fly and fall on a canvas of radiant light.

Intuitive recognition of shimmering moments

Deciphered, by whose standards?

Churches, temples, mosques

Show perennial hope.

Sacred texts promise eternal life.

Meditative messages transmit

Treasured instructions.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


Flying over, wandering natural

Abstract soul-travel in a dream state

I’s soar with fertile inspiration.

Shifting scales, recovered lineage

Expanding to alternative visions

To escape frantic disassociations.

Night ripples the sphere of exhaustion

While the moon’s silver blanket

Heals the soul.

Double awareness fades in andantedreams.

Psychological practice grows transformative:

Shakespeare, JungGurdjieffOuspensky.

Rise, float above the world’s stage.

Visualize below—

Windows, doors, people diverse

In costumed dreams

Enticing, repelling, hiding.

Open, close, dismember reality.

Wake up!


Perspectives rise and sink.

Phantasms shift out of time.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


Is there a dignified exit

From the labyrinth of life?

Remorse floats just beneath the thin skin of age.

Sincerity struggles: save self.

Enlighten conscience to forgiveness.

Individuation swallows the other.

Broken wings lack support.

Imagine an escape.

Expose procrastination.

Dig up abandoned aims.

Mend wings still weak with indecision.

Reconstruct the incomplete flight plan.

Correct disability of clipped wings.

Use reliable glue.

Follow ancient migrations, proven pathways.

Soar toward wholeness of Truth.

Seek the patterns of heaven.

Fly again toward salvation.

Fallible humans

We fail, fall back to earth.

Why bother?

What is a real exit?

How much are wings mendable?

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


Protected on Mama’s lap

I crossed the highway at Green’s Fork

Tuskegee, Alabama.

I witnessed fiery clannish rites

Mob mentality, rituals of terror.

I listened to Mama’s voice

Heard her inspired intention

Reading me stories, fairy tales, verses

Comfortable on her favorite

Periwinkle blue upholstered chair.

Observing clear echoes of long-ago cultures

Mama educated her child

Explained fables, legends, myths—

Ali Baba, Aladdin, Scheherazade

Along with flawed leaders

Cleopatra, Hatshepsut, Solomon,

As well as goddesses and gods

Isis, Shiva, Shango

And lessons of great teachers

Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, and more.

Mama taught protocols.

Enter in the eastern door, exit in the west

Honor the guest, respect others

Absorb wisdom, promote agency

Sitting on Mama’s lap, I learned to stay strong

Seek vibrancy, and healing change

Engage in learning, fly toward puzzling stars.

So much to remember and value!

Her instruction in my early youth

Mostly unrecognized, now cherished.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


At twilight

I’m falling, spiraling

From spirit-sky orbs

Toward the aesthetic ocean.

The stinging hot coastline

Reflects the crimson phoenix in my heart

Evoking pentatonic symphonies

And a desire for magical connections.

Bewitched by moon music

All night I dance in sapphire circles

Beside shadowy lakes and rivers

Twinkling hypnotic on cooling shores

Until the gradually coming aurora

Ever reflecting timeless orbs

Borrows light from father sun

Extinguishes mother moon.

The heavenly orbs astound:

Never the same rising

Never forgotten

Never abandoning life.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).

Mirror Flower, Water Moon

A bright copper coin in an indigo sky

The harvest moon reflects in my eyes.

In the cloudy mirror of me

I glimpse a shadow

Obliterated by the black face of night.

Ninety-six laws of confusion

Choke, blur, and blind transformation.

The muted moon is a beautiful woman, Astarte.

Her bare shoulders glimmer.

In the watery mirror of light

Her nipples pose erect

Under her bolero blouse.

She illuminates the garden within

Finds magic

In the soft swinging skirt of palm trees.

Lunar light turns, dims, eats organic life

Attracts the attention of the dark ones.

The water moon feeds on the lunatic fringe

So says the esoteric legend of the werewolf.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


Who is the desert swimmer?

From windows stuck closed

By sand and old paint

Emanates a cacophony

Barely decipherable tones.

Who is playing a piano behind a dirty window?

Who is playing a guitar’s seventh chord?

An interval inevitably appears

Silencing noisy confusion.

The mysterious enneagram offers answers

Symbol of evolution

Geometry of time and body types.

Surrounding the Earth Mother

Math and physics whisper

Future sonatas and requiems:

Life and fertility

Death and resurrection

Rites of passage

Sterile sands.

Dormant date seeds on the edge of an oasis

Are surrounded by drought

Where all is naught

When timelessness is everything

In the golden desert of questions.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


A butterfly on the east wind wafts naturally

Attends a stunning sunrise

Invites celestial inspiration.

I sit and visualize

Gifts and harmonies of the morning

Contemplate the unexpected

Flight of a peacock to the rooftop

Countless mejiro in the avocado trees

And two `iwa birds circling over the Pali cliffs.

I chant affirmations of gratitude.

Love dances, dips, and lifts

Around the periphery of heartbeats

Rises above the soul-feast:

Paradise of meum teum nostrum.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).



Falling from the sky

Diving into the Sahara

Where earth cradles desert

With four directions, four winds

Even four seasons . . . sometimes.

Crashing from the fiery west

Falling into watery identity

I fill with metallic fears

Another wounded swimmer

With cold skin, burning breath

Balancing yin and yang.

Called to silvery green islands

Challenging courage, I rise, I fly.

From my book of poetry, Footprints, Wings, Phantasms (Pacific Raven Press, 2018).


 There’s trouble in so-called paradise

on Hawai`i, the Big Island

56,000 feet above the ocean floor

at Halema`uma`u Crater

legendary abode of Pele, the fire goddess.

Her awakening, fiery red and passionate

surprises volcanologists, geologists, tourists.

The ecosystems are shaken

catching communities and Nature off guard.

Pele births alerts, eruptions, explosions.

Then 24 steaming fissures appear

change daily, crack the earth

exhale malodorous sulfur

destroy idyllic dreams of peaceful living

of swimming in seductive turquoise waters.

Pele is the powerful goddess of fire

familiar in Puna and beyond.

Nemesis of her compassionate sister

loyal and loving Hi`iakaikapoliopele


Pele coughs up her retaliatory magic

devouring forests and all organic life

destroying the homes of kanaka maoli

and non-Hawaiian individualists alike.

Paradoxically, as Pele exhales destruction

her violent releases makes new land

with the fountaining magnitudes of lava!

Deep under the Earth’s crust, Pele inhales

mixing her mysterious, furious magma

stirring up the alchemy of re-creation.

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Another poem in my forthcoming book entitled Footprints Wings PhantasmsDue to be published in late May.

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A poem in my forthcoming book entitled Footprints Wings Phantasms.

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  1. The Aloha talks and reveals the themes correctly thanks to the author.

  2. I think the book is just fine,I enjoyed it and it gave me a lot of thoughts

  3. Rocquel Mcintosh said:

    I could feel the emotions coming out the book I sense a lot of nature and feelings towards it. The book is very clear and the writer is very precise and creative

  4. “MAMA’S LAP” is a beautiful poem 🙂
    I think I am going to look up your book.

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