Falling from the sky

Diving into the Sahara

Where earth cradles desert

With four directions, four winds

Even four seasons . . . sometimes.

Crashing from the fiery west

Falling into watery identity

I fill with metallic fears

Another wounded swimmer

With cold skin, burning breath

Balancing yin and yang.

Called to silvery green islands

Challenging courage, I rise, I fly.


Trouble in Paradise by Kathryn Waddell Takara


Trouble in Paradise

Hawai`i the Big Island

Trouble in paradise

Halema`uma`u Crater, Pele, the fire goddess’s legendary abode

at 56,000 feet above depressed ocean  floor.


Pele’s awakening, fiery red and passionate

Surprising the volcanologists, geologists, scientists, tourists

The ecosystems shaken, Nature, communities


Pele births alerts, eruptions, explosions

24 steaming fissures appearing , daily changing. cracking the earth

exhaling sizzling sulfur

destroying paradisiacal dreams of peaceful living

and calm seductive waters


Pele is the powerful Fire Goddess familiar in Puna and beyond

She is the nemisis of her sister

sweet, beautiful Hi`iaka, ikapoliopele

kind, compassionate, loyal, and loving

to all who know or meet her.


Madame Pele reigns immortal

coughs up to her magic

devours  forests of trees

communities of individualists

organic life,  the lives of Hawaiians

and occasional anarchists, mistrustful or hiding from the US government

(which nonetheless tries to understand and remedy the growing loss).


Paradoxically Pele exhales destruction

The growing eruptions, the new earth, the fountaining magnitude of lava!

Pele inhales deep magma.

The magical alchemy of  re-creation.

Konch Magazine Interview with Kathryn Waddell Takara by Ishmael Reed

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Another poem in my forthcoming book entitled Footprints Wings PhantasmsDue to be published in late May.

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A poem in my forthcoming book entitled Footprints Wings Phantasms.

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Our President and Publisher, Kathryn Waddell Takara, PhD, holds a BA in French from Tufts/Jackson University, an MA in French from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii. She also holds certificates from the University of Bordeaux in French and Peking University in Mandarin.

Her accomplishments are multiple and varied over her long career of teaching cultural and ethnic studies, writing, public service, and travel.

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