Submission Guidelines

Pacific Raven Press, LLC (PRP, LLC) assists the prospective author to publish original work that includes the following genres:  Africana and ethnic literature, memoir, research on Blacks in Hawai`i, cultural and oral history, poetry, politics, human rights, exotic travel, and a few children’s books. We also consider motivational and/or self-help manuscripts that may be transformative.

We have an affinity for manuscripts that inspire, inform, entertain and/or provoke thought and reflection. We publish work that is of a high quality. We publish paper books and e-books.

Please submit the following information to Pacific Raven Press, LLC, if you would like to have your work considered. It is not necessary to have an agent or a long list of publications.

Your packet should include:

Your name
Mailing address
Phone number
Email address
A short bio that includes any previous publications
A one page synopsis of your manuscript
The first 50 pages of your book
$50 reading/submission fee

 Mail to:

Pacific Raven Press, LLC
PO Box 678
Ka`a`awa, HI 96730 USA

Within eight to twelve weeks after we receive the package submission mentioned above, a decision will be made whether to proceed to the next stage or review or not. If you do not hear from us, you can assume that your manuscript does not meet our printing agenda for the year.

All manuscripts and submissions will be recycled after review and not returned. All unaccepted manuscripts will be destroyed after review.

As a small independent publisher, at this time, PRP, LLC accepts only a limited number of manuscripts for annual publication. In making our decision, we consider the quality of the manuscript, the marketability of the work, the willingness of the author to be an active responsible participant in the promotion, publicity, and appropriate representation of the book and company. PRP, LLC can offer support of publicity in catalogues, libraries, bookstores, and international distribution for an annual fee if desired.

Generally, if we are interested in reviewing the entire manuscript, the author can expect to hear from us by email. At that time, PRP, LLC will contact the author and request submission of the entire manuscript, including a title page, table of contents, page numbers, and the completed text. A small reading fee of $35 will be requested at this time.

After we have reviewed the complete work, a decision will be made whether to proceed to editing, design, formatting, and publication and the author will be informed. If all terms are agreed upon, a one-year contract will be presented to the client/author and signed. The author will retain all rights to his/her work, but the copyright will remain with the company.

The cost for publication varies according to the book size, number of pages and pictures (if included), cover design, color or black and white, formatting, marketing, PR, press release, etc. to be determined once the book has been accepted.

The time frame for publication also varies according to the amount of editing required, pictures to be included, page numbers, etc. but when finally ready for press, the book should be printed and mailed to the author in the requested quantity.

If you do not hear from us, please do not be discouraged, but continue to write and submit your work to other editors and publishers until you find a good match!

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