Our services

We publish high-quality books, reflecting talent, originality, unique ideas, and perspectives on
place, nature, poetry, social issues, politics, and philosophy in our commitment to excellence.

Our services typically cost $75.00 per hour.

Basically, there are three stages of production that are critical and necessary to the publishing
process. Depending on the size, page count, color or not, cover, etc. the preliminary estimate will vary.
Once the manuscript is screened and selected we will offer a contract to be discussed, modified,
etc. working with staff will assure a custom creation.

Preliminary selection to publish after our editor reads the submitted manuscript is step or stage

  1. Production. Project coordinator.
    • Oversees details, line edits, page design, table of contents, the author statement, a glossary if needed, and cover artwork as the manuscript becomes a book.
    • We provide a copyright ISBN and the process to list with L (Library of Congress Control).
  2. Editor. Editing and copy editing with great attention to detail (including grammar,
    spelling, organization, book sections, etc.. The author is allowed 3 changes to the
    manuscript, and for additional changes will be charged $75.00 for further edits and
  3. Design and Graphics. Cover and interior, page creation, section breaks, photos or not,
    font style, and a photo and short biographical statement about the author. A logo can be
    created for future publications.
  4. Printing. Upload completed manuscript and eBook in special formats and order books.
  5. Publicity and marketing. We provide a press release (the author indicates the places, book
    stores, libraries, book retailers, etc) to send out.
  6. Distribution will be with Pacific Raven Press, LLC, Amazon, and the author’s readings,
    signings, family and friends as well as official marketing with Ingram Books.

Other services: (extra fees)

  • A writing coach, workshops
  • Manuscript development (ghostwriting services)
  • Other promotions products: website development, social media assistance, personalized
  • Displays, branded promotion products: bookmarks, pens, pencils, other items.
  • Arrange for 3 book signings.