New Release


Pacific Raven Press, LLC


Shadow Dancing: $elling $urvival in China

By Kathryn Waddell Takara, PhD

Available Jan. 2nd 2017

1st Edition, Poetry, History, China, African American

234 pages – 38 Color Pictures, Price $34.95

Language: English, ISBN # 978-0-9860755-5-1 or

Bold in its Veracity! * Palpable and Engaging Poetry and Pictorials * This book will forever put Dr. Takara on the map as a force to be reckoned with!


Pacific Raven Press, LLC is proud to introduce Shadow Dancing: $elling $urvival  in China. This third book in her Poetry Trilogy-10 years in the making, is a complex personal journey about love and friendship through which the reader gains insight into the rapidly changing socio-political attitudes, policies, and economic climate of the People’s Republic of China.  Through her poetic lens, Dr. Kathryn Waddell Takara, an African American scholar of eight books, provides a traveling stage to witness the waking of China, referred to as the “sleeping dragon,” which she viscerally captures.

Over the course of seven summers in Northeast China as a Fulbright scholar and visiting professor, Takara broke stereotypes about African and African American people in her lectures for Chinese students and business people in route to Africa about black history and culture, ethnic women’s literature, and politics in America. Takara’s guanxi (influential connections) through universities, the government, and friends opened doors and hearts, offering her rare and timely opportunities to study and write about the subtle intimacies of daily life, beyond the lacquered façade of tourism. In addition to the diverse levels of institutional power, Takara observed the spiritual qualities revealed in ritualized reverence for ancestors, poets, an appreciation of Nature, and the legacy of mythology about the supernatural by the Chinese people. During her travels, Takara also witnessed the apparent absence of blacks in China.

In this timely collection of poems, Dr. Takara delves into startling successes and disquieting corruption. She acknowledges issues as wide ranging as labor exploitation, human rights, environmental abuse, urban and military expansion, the illegal drug trade, counterfeit products, and China’s push for global dominance fortified by a 5,000 year background of tradition, philosophy, culture, and politics in what is The New China.

About The Author:

American Book Award winning author, Kathryn Waddell Takara, PhD, was also the recipient of the 2016 lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Honolulu NAACP as an “Agent of Change”. Takara is widely respected and admired as a public scholar, lecturer, and performer of her poetry. She coordinated several seminal national conferences on African Americans during her tenure at the University of Hawaii, and she has been a 7 summer lecturer in China. After retiring from her 30-year position as professor of Black and Cultural Studies at the University of Hawaii, she has pursued her career as a writer and publisher. Now widely published, she has authored 8 books and many scholarly articles. In 2008, she began her second career as a publisher and editor in her company Pacific Raven Press, LLC.

Dr. Takara has dedicated her life to education, justice, peace, knowledge, history, culture, family, and the environment.

For orders, interviews, readings and book signings, lectures, or any other appearances, contact Pacific Raven Press, LLC at the following: or 808-228-1630 (Pacific Hawaii Time)

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