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Pacific Raven Press, LLC is an indie press. Founded in 2008, it has published 18 book titles in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. International in scope, our works illuminate themes of Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Pacific, and beyond.


We welcome submissions of quality manuscripts that motivate change and reflection, support diversity, and envision and promote harmony and balance to the world.

We encourage thoughtful, respectful attitudes for diverse cultures and the protection of the environment. We aim to publish writers with original ideas, subjects, and perspectives that support the notions of responsible freedom and a common good.

Our vision is to be a leader in innovative perspectives through the written word. We create a space and place where writing inspires, heals, transforms, and promotes varying genres of communication and a balanced philosophical platform.

PRP is an indie press that publishes quality manuscripts at affordable prices, including editing, book design, formatting, and printing. We welcome manuscripts for review. Once your manuscript is accepted and a contract signed, we will assure your book is published in a timely manner, and we will market the book with you via substantial promotional contacts. While the publication’s ISBN belongs to the publisher, the contract can allow the author to retain the copyright. Using vanguard print-on-demand technology, indie presses like ours are revolutionizing the publishing world.

To order books, please email us at pacificravenpress@yahoo.com,
or simply submit your request in the form below.

To send us your manuscript for consideration to be published by PRP, please visit our Submission Guidelines page:

This is a new site. Please enjoy it as it expands and grows!


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