About PRP

“Where writing transforms…”

Welcome to the 21st century!  Pacific Raven Press, LLC is dedicated to provocative, powerful, and creative writing that challenges the reader to see, think about, and taste the world from objective and intimate dimensions.

It soars in excellence of verbal expression, and encourages the expression of correspondences and continuities of the unique and complementary cosmologies of cultures, countries, and philosophies.

Pacific Raven Press, LLC features literature from Hawai`i, North America, Africa, as well as books about self-help and consciousness.


Pacific Raven Press, “Where Writing Transforms” facilitates the possibility and process to teach, motivate, and mentor writers. We reach out to include a wide community and to promote vision and change through writing for a common global good; and then, we strive to make it actionable. Reading, writing and speaking story are proven methods to develop communication, curiosity, diversity, and to explore and share various types of relationships and ways of being in the world in meaningful and essential ways. Pacific Raven Press publishes quality yet accessible works including fiction, non-fiction, memoir, and poetry as poetry can excite and deepen understanding upon repeated readings.

Pacific Raven Press desires for our writers and readers to grow, unfold, and become productive. We believe that the evolution of humanism begins with ideas and thought, inspired by observing, reading, understanding and writing about our search for meaning and the significance of freedom at its many levels. We encourage the respect of all humans, their diverse cultures, and the protection of our precious natural environment.

At Pacific Raven Press, we do not shy away from critical issues that must be addressed such as: poverty, gender, homelessness, diseases, substance abuse, violence and war, deterioration of the environment, religious and racial politics and psychological fears and imbalance. Each writer and reader is encouraged and expected to learn and evince his/her own personal style, themes, and issues.

We encourage both our writers and readers to take a leap of inspiration!

We are a self-publishing book service of quality manuscripts including affordable prices, book design, formatting, and printing. We are discriminatory on the genre and  quality of writing. We focus on excellence, knowledge, insights, and the creation of a better world. We will review your manuscript for potential publishing. Once the manuscript is accepted, properly edited which includes a fee depending on the job, and a contract signed, we will assure that your book is published in a timely manner and our contacts and publicity sources duly notified.

We follow standard procedures (the author retains the copyright of his or her work, and contracts follow the ISBN which belongs to the publisher). We can offer some professional services that are provided through our distributor for promotion, advertising, in catalogues, libraries, book outlets like Amazon, etc. using established national and/or international channels.

The author can choose to pay for such services and should also be prepared to set up book signings, readings, and distribution to his/her friends and public. Pacific Raven Press can assist in guiding through the process.

Using vanguard POD technology, print on demand is efficient, affordable, and accessible and has changed the course of the traditional publishing world.

This is a new site. Enjoy it as it grows and expands. If you want to order, contact us by email at pacificravenpress@yahoo.com or fill out the form below.

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