By:  Kathryn Waddell Takara, Ph.D.


Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
Yearly, through decades and centuries
The veterans remember in sickness and in health
Discipline, training, service, by land, air, and sea
Willingly offer their lives in exchange for our safety.

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
The veterans suffer to stand tall
in knowing their true dedication,
bravery, loyalty to our beloved great
to our fabulous families, and proud

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
The veterans know civilians love heroes
but don’t understand the sacrifices
the endless days and night of waiting
for the unknown
the unpredictable brutality of war and

Daily, hourly, weekly, monthly
The veterans understand true suffering
carrying heavy loads, plowing through
unfamiliar territory
through inclement weather, mud, and
enemy fire.

The remember toil, combat and death
all around

Daily, hourly, weekly, monthly
Veteran warriors gather together
to share a space and the unspoken terrors
of war
struggle with PTSD and the need to be
not appear weak and lose face in the
presence of danger
after they return home

Daily, hourly, weekly, through and
beyond time
Veterans carry the proud legacy
defenders of democracy, protectors of
lovers of freedom.

Daily, weekly, yearly we gather together
their commitment, their adventuresome
the belief in their mission
their courage and sacrifices for us
and all that we have, our way of life
Veterans, we salute you! daily, weekly,