By:  Kathryn Waddell Takara, Ph.D.

Ambitious, athletic, artistic activist, abandoned
Bold, blues, believer in Black history
Courageous, change, cultural, critic
Complex, cool, compassionate cynic
Dreamer, democratic, diverse, dynamic dare
Energetic, evocative. exposer of evil
Freedom, friendly, fearless, forward
Good, goal-oriented, gratifier
Historian, humanitarian
International, integrity, ideas, ideals
Justice, jazz
Kind, knowledgeable, kissable
Likeable lover, lips of labor, largely loyal
Mindful. meaningful, mutable music man
Noticeable, new beginnings, Nature
Open-minded, original thinker, outspoken, ostracized
Political, persevering, principled, patriotic, public
Quick, quixotic, questioning
Rare, romantic, race ruffler
Satiric, sincere, synchronicity, sports seeker
Teacher, traditional, trajectory timeless
Understanding, unconditional, unveiler
Vibrant, visible
Writer, witness, war, women, worthy
Xperience, xtraordinary
Youth, yearning for justice
Z champ!